Guide to a Weekend in Brighton

I’ve had the best past year & a half living in Brighton for Uni so thought I’d share some of the things I think are must-do’s when visiting Brighton for the first time…

Beach Hut Photoshoot

Although technically not in Brighton, the Hove beach huts are just a short walk along the beach front (or a quick bus ride if you’re feeling a bit lazy). Decorated with an array of bright colours and quirky patterns they are the perfect background to take a bunch of insta-worthy pics. But, be warned that the sear front is almost always very windy so be prepared for crazy hair in all your pics; Wish I’d shoved half of my hair up so it was a bit more tamed because in most pics my hair was just matted across my face – not a good look.

Spend some 2p’s at the Pier

I mean you can’t really go to Brighton & not pop to the Pier, can you? Grab some fresh doughnuts and go wild on the arcade machines. If once you’ve ran out of 2p’s and won enough tickets to trade for a tacky souvenir you fancy a little bit of an adrenaline rush, you can head to the end of the pier where you will find lots of different rides & attractions such as: Bumper cars, waltzers & a horror hotel.

Treat yourself at Churchill Shopping Centre

You’re on a mini seaside holiday so I think it’s only acceptable to treat yourself (the phrase that has broke my bank) and splash out on some new clothes, don’t you? There are loads of different shops to browse both in the actual shopping centre and along the streets surrounding it. Some of my faves include: good ‘ol Primark (of course), Topshop (for when student loan hits) & Pull & Bear (very cute & reasonably priced).

Get a Hole in One (I mean you can try) at Globalls

For only a £5.50 you can take a pick of two glow in the dark, 12 hole, mini-golf courses – either the ‘Jurassic’ course which is filled with with dinosaurs or the ‘Tropicana’ course which is filled with a variety of animals such as alligators and elephants. The courses use UV lights so make sure you wear something white to stand out.

Learn something new at the Sea Life Centre

Marvel at the 3500+ sea creatures that live here and learn some interesting facts! It’s located near the pier so you don’t have to travel far which is a bonus.

Stuff your face with the Best Pancakes in Brighton (…in my opinion)

You have got to go to Nowheres Man, it’s a cosy coffee shop decorated with quirky, 70’s furniture giving it a really chilled out vibe. Oh and they have a WHOLE menu dedicated to thick, fluffy pancakes (known as the Pancake Club) and they are absolutely delicious! A cool atmosphere paired with mouth water pancakes – what more could you want?

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