The Perfect Cosy Night In

Ahh who doesn’t love a cosy night in? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a night out – having one too many vodka & cokes, dancing the night away and struggling to remember everything in the morning. But, I think a chilled night in trumps all.

Pick a Film / Series to Binge

I mean if you don’t have Netflix what are you doing with your life? I’m kidding, if you don’t it’s probably because you have much better things to spend your money on than spending endless hours with your eyes glued to a screen. But seriously, Netflix is like the greatest thing ever although it’s the main culprit behind my uni work procrastination, so maybe not the best thing ever? Picking the perfect film/series for your cosy night in is probably the thing that’s gonna take the most amount of time if you’re like me and can never make your mind up, so it’s best to get this bit out of the way before doing anything else.

If you’re really stuck for ideas, I suggest (off the top of my head)…

  • Films: 50 first dates, Click, Nappily Ever After, Bird Box, What Happened to Monday, Clueless, Mulan (best Disney film, am I right)
  • Series to binge: Stranger Things, Friday night Dinner, Santa Clarita Diet, Friends (always my go to when I feel anxious or stressed), The Umbrella Academy, Sex Education, On My Block, The Society, This is Us

Set the Mood

To create a really cosy and chill vibe I love to grab all my blankets and comfy cushions and create a pit of comfort (whether on your sofa or in your bed) that you will just never want to leave. Light some scented candles if you’re into them and turn on all of your fairy lights and voila – you’ve got yourself the perfect setting for your cosy night in. Or if you’re in the mood to be HELLA EXTRA, you can make a den like me and my housemates did…

Get into Comfy PJ’s

No one wants to watch a film whilst wearing restrictive jeans and a top that you can barely breathe in so swap them for your comfiest PJ’s. Put some fluffy socks on (my faves) because who wants cold feet?

Snack, Snacks … & MORE SNACKS!

I always get carried away on this part (eyes wayyy bigger than my belly). Grab a selection of your favourite snacks, whether that’s: popcorn, nachos, chocolates, sweets, crisps, biscuits or ice cream. my go-to snacks are some chocolate m&m’s, strawberries and Nutella or some brownie Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream (big chocolate fan if you can’t tell).

Make yourself a Hot Chocolate

When I think of ‘cosy’ I think of being wrapped up whilst sipping on a hot drink, and seeing as I don’t like tea/coffee, hot chocolate is the answer. So, make yourself a hot chocolate in your favourite mug and if you feel like going all out and a swirl of whipped cream to the top and sprinkle on some mini marshmallows.

Put on a Face Mask to Cleanse Away all your Troubles

Does anyone else feel like they have their life together when they have done a face mask or is that just me? Especially the peel off ones – they are so satisfying; it just feels as though you are removing all the toxins in your skin (& life aha). New skin, new me, ya know? Personally, I feel like a face mask is the perfect addition to a cosy night in watching a movie because sometimes life gets a bit too hectic and you forget to do the little self-care things that make you feel good. So, shove your hair up into a messy bun and slap on a face mask that’s suitable for your skin type and watch it work its magic. Felt like I should include some pics of me with my facemask on, so I apologise greatly for what your eyes are about to see:):):)

Finally… Get Comfy & Press Play

Now that you are snuggled up in your blankets, face mask on and an abundance of snacks at arms reach, press the play button and enjoy your perfect cosy night in!

4 thoughts on “The Perfect Cosy Night In

  1. I’m SUCH a night in over a night out person. Also, Good Girls is an insanely good series to binge watch would definitely recommend! xx
    El // Welsh Wanderer

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh really! I do loveee a good night out but yeah a cosy night in is always a winner. Yes! I watched series one of Good Girls with my housemates but haven’t gotten round to watching season 2 yet x


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