My First Festival Experience

Okay, so I just had one of the most amazing weekends ever! Lost my festival & Big Mac virginities (yes I did say Big Mac, as in the burger from McDonalds, and I have to say it was pretty average – basically just two of the 89p hamburgers stacked on top of each other). Anyways… I had wanted to go to a festival for soo long but had always been either too broke to or my friends had been. I was extremely lucky/thankful this year as my friend managed to get us tickets to the Isle of Wight Festival as her Mom knows the guy who runs it and he even upgraded us with VIP which we weren’t expecting!

I obvs have nothing to compare it to, but my mates said the Isle of Wight festival is pretty tame compared to some of the other well known ones as it’s a lot more family friendly. Usually festivals are filled with mainly young people but this one was different; there was such a wide range of ages, spanning from little kids to 70 year olds, which gave it a really nice atmosphere. So, was kinda nice for it to be my first festival as eased me in gently and prepared me for some of the more wild ones.

Having never been to a festival before I wasn’t 100% sure what to pack so scoured the internet for some tips and had one of my mates who’s a bit of a festival-expert give me a list of things to bring. However, I can say I didn’t pack thatttt great. I’d say I underpacked on warm layers (probably hoping a little too hard for some nice weather) and over packed on certain types of food. I ended up throwing away a couple of tins of beans and hotdogs (so added a few pounds to my bag for no reason) and all of my fruit (should’ve known I wasn’t gonna bother eating healthy, like do I even know me??) Obvs somehow managed to scoff my many chocolate bars & pan-au-chocolates though, didn’t I. Didn’t get to enjoy my tomato soup though as that ended up being knocked over in my tent and smelling the place out – lovely. Can also say I’ve never eaten as much pitta bread as I did in that weekend. Kristy’s top tip: If you can get your hands on one, take an inflatable drink holder – managed to bag myself a free one from Superdrug before I went – which my friends mocked to begin with but later admitted it was pretty genius and came in very handy.

The absolute highlight of my weekend was being on top of my mates shoulders, singing my heart out, to George Ezra & Anne-Marie (little shoutout to Charlotte for almost breaking her back for me xxx). Was so surreal. I also LOVED listening to bands I had never heard of (like Sea Girls who were SOO GOOD, and I kinda fell in love with their lead guitarist lol). It was also really nice to hear bands who I knew like only one/two songs of but their other songs were also really good and they proper put on a show (like “Biffy, Biffy, Biffy fucking Clyro” – I have never seen someone sweat soo much in my life!). I also really loved being in the Big Top Tent dancing to Jax Jones, feeling like I was in a night club but with floors made of 2ft wet mud. Lets just say I was very glad I bought a pair of £12 (very uncomfortable) wellies before I went because oh. my. god. The floor at times was a literal swamp. Almost lost my wellies several times but guess its not a festival without a bit of rain. Although, to be fair, it only seemed to tip it down during the day when none of the acts were on so was able to just hide in my very tiny, dark tent which was described as ‘a coffin’.

Despite being very grateful to be back in my own bed with freshly washed hair and rid of the glitter that was in every nook & cranny of my body, I wanna do it all over again. All in all, had the most amazing weekend eating a shit ton of food; dragging my mates on to as many rides as possible – highly recommend going on the Waltzers when drunk off ya tits btw; discovering new artists; singing on someone’s shoulders to my faves; wasting £5 on an oxygen bar; covering myself in as much glitter as possible and spamming my camera rolls with hundreds of photos (all for the mem’s).

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