10 Ways to Make Friends at Uni

You made friends when joining secondary school or college right? So, chances are you are going to be absolutely fine at making friends at University too. Even if you don’t consider yourself to have any friends at the moment as you never really clicked with anyone, then just think of going to Uni as the perfect place to be surrounded by a large variety of different kinds of people, some of which you will defo get along with. You may have heard people say that the people you become friends with at Uni will be your friends for life – this may be true for some of the friends you make, but just like anyone you become friends with in life, some are only there for a chapter and that’s completely okay. So here are 10 ways for how to make friends at University…

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My First Festival Experience

Okay, so I just had one of the most amazing weekends ever! Lost my festival & Big Mac virginities (yes I did say Big Mac, as in the burger from McDonalds, and I have to say it was pretty average – basically just two of the 89p hamburgers stacked on top of each other). Anyways… I had wanted to go to a festival for soo long but had always been either too broke to or my friends had been. I was extremely lucky/thankful this year as my friend managed to get us tickets to the Isle of Wight Festival as her Mom knows the guy who runs it and he even upgraded us with VIP which we weren’t expecting!

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