10 Ways to Make Friends at Uni

You made friends when joining secondary school or college right? So, chances are you are going to be absolutely fine at making friends at University too. Even if you don’t consider yourself to have any friends at the moment as you never really clicked with anyone, then just think of going to Uni as the perfect place to be surrounded by a large variety of different kinds of people, some of which you will defo get along with. You may have heard people say that the people you become friends with at Uni will be your friends for life – this may be true for some of the friends you make, but just like anyone you become friends with in life, some are only there for a chapter and that’s completely okay. So here are 10 ways for how to make friends at University…

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Taipei Vlog – Week 2

If you have seen my previous post you will know that I’m currently in Taipei (Taiwan) doing a Marketing internship. I’m here for 8 weeks in total and am having a blast so far! Here’s a little vid to show you everything I got up to in my second week:)

Here’s the link to my YouTube vid: https://youtu.be/XYzoHEthgU8

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Taipei Vlog – Week 1

Heyy! So for 2 months over summer I’m doing a marketing internship in Taipei, which is the capital of Taiwan. I’ve just completed my first week here and have created a little video to share what I’ve gotten up to, and so that I can look back on my experience in the future:) ((I don’t talk in it like the usual vlogs because I’m too awks for that aha))

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How to Budget as a Student

‘MAKE SURE YOU BUDGET YOUR MONEY WISELY!’ – what everyone’s parents, aunts, uncles, nan & everyone in between tells then when they head off to Uni. But if you either: haven’t had a significant income before or had money but never needed to worry about making it last or how to spend it wisely then the chances are you won’t be entirely sure on how to budget your money effectively. You’ve come to the right place for great budgeting advice for students as I am going to share with you the ultimate (in my opinion) student budgeting app as well as talk you through my student budget guide – aren’t you lucky.

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